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"Tommy was very reliable, prompt and responsive with the work he did for me. He was eager to make sure I was satisfied, and I found him easy to to communicate with about my needs. I would trust Tommy to deliver on your requests!” February 18, 2011 Jeanette Konicki

“Mr. Rajchel is a guy with a great name and an artist whose line quality is excellent! He remains versed in commercial decorative work as well as editorial and conceptual approaches. You will be pleased the the whimsical and confident nature of this illustrator's style.” January 7, 2009
January 7, 2009 Katherine Sandoz, Professor, Savannah College of Art and Design.

“I would like t make a recommendation for Tommy Rajchel in his pursuit of any of his professional goals. Tommy shared classes with me and was an exemplary student. He's a warm friendly person, and takes pride in the excellent work he creates. The work was always in on time, and Professionally presented. Consider this a favorable Letter of Recommendation and suggestion for employment of Thomas Rajchel. Professor Kurt Vargo December 3, 2008

Tommy Rajchel was extremely well-liked and highly respected for talent and personality among his family, friends and business acquaintances. Tommy passed away in April 2011, but his art lives on. For inquiries please contact: tommyrajchel@gmail.com
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