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Ugly Art Dolls by Ugly Shyla

All Ugly Art dolls are handmade from scratch molds of original sculptings by me Ugly Shyla. They are handpainted,hand ...fired, and all wigs, bodies, and costuming is handmade.

Ugly Art Dolls have been displayed in galleries, art shows and in the St. Elizabeth's Doll Museum; my dolls have also have been featured in print, in magazines such as Bizarre, Lollipop, SPIN, and Swag. My art dolls have also been photographed in John Santerineross' photography book, "Dream."

Ugly Art Dolls have also been used as photo props by Kattaryna Breaux, Caleb Storms, The Joker/Razorblade Grin, and Saryn Angel.

My main inspiration for my art dolls and other art is drawn from imagery captured within my dreams,and my artwork is also influenced by religious,spiritual and occult imagery.

These art dolls are known as fine art dolls; they are not children's toys. Some of the subject matter dealt with in my work is very serious, and the dolls are also too delicate to be handled by small children.

As well as a professional doll artist, I'm a established alternative model, modeling extensively for photographers such as Steve Diet Goedde, Lithium Picnic and John Santerineross.

To view more of my dolls and art, please visit the UglyArt.Net site,
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