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Artist Message

Hi. We've been a graphic design studio for a long time but that doesn't mean we've lost our sense of humor. The fast dope on what we do: corporate ID and application, marketing and promotional materials, advertising, book and publication design, package design and internet design. We also write a lot of our own stuff, which is weird because many graphic designers don't write.

We're good on coming up with a concept if you don't have a clue, and we're also good at making the best of the concepts our clients give us. We do our stuff on time and won't surprise you at the end with additional charges. That's pleasant, huh?

So, we do design all kinds of things, but we also consult, write and can manage projects really well so don't worry about that either. We've won lots of awards for the stuff we've done but that may not interest you right now. Just go to our site and roam around...

We invented something called Poetry Dog Tags, published by Chronicle Books and available nationally in stores, so maybe you'll start wearing your thoughts around your neck and you'll write us about it. That would be nice.

Above all, we're friendly types, but don't push your luck. We are New Yorkers, after all. Hope to see you on our site someday soon....


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Contact Clare Ultimo Inc.


212-777-6973 (Office)

212-777-6972 (Fax)


32 Union Square East Suite 1211
New York, NY 10003

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