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Bill 5onic Fricke

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I have always loved to create art. When I was younger it's all I could imagine myself doing. I ended up after college becoming many things some i...n the creative realm and some not. Eventually I became a well known illustrator just like the ones that I idolized when I was a kid.

Well, for the most part I've had a great career and that was the shit and rewarding. Now I am making a transition into creating art as more of a hobby/pass time.(never thought that I would ever write those words.) It would be nice to actually make a living out of doing what I love and maybe that will happen.

But the truth is I just want to paint and feel that tactile connection. If I sell my work that would feel pretty good. But I already have ridden the delusion train and that train consists
of telling yourself that even though you can't pay the bills you have a cool job. I mean hey you have become a syndicated illustrator. WOW! I am now doing mixed media imagery and am excited at the potential art that awaits.
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