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Brian Smale began his career in Toronto, Canada more than two decades ago. After winning many magazine assignments and a few awards, he moved to New York where he found more magazine assignments, a few more awards and lots of commercial work.

He's widely known for his portraits of the world's leading businessmen and women, scientists, inventors, politicians, and a few very interesting oddballs.

Brian brings the same good humor and passion along to all his editorial, advertising, and corporate shoots. Along with assignments for magazines such as Fortune, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fast Company, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone, and Spin, he also has a wide range of commercial clients including Boeing, duPont, Fuji, GE Capital, Kodak, Microsoft, PPL, Real Networks, Seattle Children's Hospital, Sega, Homestreet Bank, Symetra Insurance, Expeditors, and USAA Insurance.

Brian now resides in Seattle with his wife, two goofy kids, and the insane dog Mabel.
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Brian Smale
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