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Aaron Meshon

Aaron Meshon illustrates and designs for magazines, advertisements, children's products, murals, food trucks, and books that can be found all ove...r the world. Aaron's first children's book: TAKE ME OUT TO THE YAKYU was on the New York Times top 100 of 2013 and received 4 starred reviews. Aaron has also written and illustrated TOOLS RULE! , THE BEST DAYS ARE DOG DAYS, DELIVERY, and NOW THAT I AM HERE. Aaron recently illustrated TOMORROW IS WATING written by Kiley Frank. Aaron teaches illustration at The School of Visual Arts and has also been a guest illustration lecturer at RISD, MICA, UArts, SVA, FIT, and NHIA . Someday Aaron would like to sell his products from a small sweet potato truck in rural Japan. Currently, Aaron lives with his wife, son, and their French Bulldog, Chubu.

Some Clients Include:
Chronicle Books
Time Magazine
The Wall Street Journal
Life Magazine
Rolling Stone
Crocodile Creek
Time Out New York
New York Magazine
RI Monthly
NJ Monthly
Vancouver Magazine
Entertainment Weekly
Brooklyn Public Library
Travel & Leisure
Budget Living
Atlantic Monthly
L.A. Times
The New York Times
Philadelphia Magazine

Please email me with any requests for stock images as well.

Thanks for taking a look at my work. I hope we can talk soon! :) aaron
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  • Aaron Meshon
    Nourishing Japan
    A poster for the documentary " Nourishing Japan "
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
    Let's Hang
    1/26 Zipper pulls I created for Kidrobot. Featured in American illustration 25
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
    No smoking
    A full page for UT Journal about healthy campus living
  • Aaron Meshon
    Doggie DNA
    A cover illustration for Tuft's Veterinary Medicine Magazine. Thanks to AD Kelly McMurray!
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
    3x3 Self Portrait
    Self portrait for 3x3 Illustration Magazine's " why I subscribe to 3x3 magazine" - TO SEE BRAVERY
  • Aaron Meshon
    Let's Race!
    Licensed image for Crocodile Creek toys and Products
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
    Pylsur Lagoon
    For the National Hot Dog Organization Of Iceland ;)
  • Aaron Meshon
    Poster for Nagoya, Japan
  • Aaron Meshon
    Budget Travel Special Pullout
    A Front and Back Cover and 8 interior spot illustrations for the kid's special pullout packet inside Budget Travel Magazine.
  • Aaron Meshon
    Super Sento
    Illustrated for the French Bulldog Bath Society of Japan (F.B.B.S.J)
  • Aaron Meshon
    Solar System
    A Solar system illustration used on children's products such as water bottles, place mats, balls, lunch boxes and bags.
  • Aaron Meshon
    NYC Open: Book
    I created this image for NYC tourism. It was used as a poster and for ads around the world. I was also very honored it was included in the 2008 Society of Illustrators show
  • Aaron Meshon
    "Brush Em Up"
    Full Page illustration for Tufts Veterinary University Magazine
  • Aaron Meshon
    New York Times
    City Section New Years cover story on Bloomberg and the opinions of the residents of NYC.
  • Aaron Meshon
    Things That GO!
    A series of 3 activity books with 40 pages inside each for Crocodile Creek.
  • Aaron Meshon
    Le Petit Parisien
    Personal Piece inspired by my trip to Paris for New Years 2004
  • Aaron Meshon
    Sakana (Fish)
    An Illustration for a charity project preventing overfishing.
  • Aaron Meshon
    French Bulldog Onsen
  • Aaron Meshon
    Public Bath
    A personal piece painted on wood recalling my many trips to Japan.
  • Aaron Meshon
  • Aaron Meshon
    GQ workout
    Work out graphics for German GQ
  • Aaron Meshon
    Cricket Magazine
    Cover illustration for Cricket magazine Summer issue
  • Aaron Meshon
    Red Sox Fan
    A spot for Boston Magazine in 2006
  • Aaron Meshon
    Texas Monthly
    Illustration celebrating the youngest manager in baseball.
  • Aaron Meshon
    Milky Bath
  • Aaron Meshon
    Vehicle Floor Puzzle
    A Floor Puzzle for the kids!
  • Aaron Meshon
    Series of Nesting Dolls
    A charity even for Housing works / Design within Reach. I painted 12 cities and their appropriate monsters on wooden Russian Nesting Dolls donated by Design Within Reach.
  • Aaron Meshon
    Vehicle Cups
    One of my kid's products for Crocodile Creek.

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