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Born in Alghero, graduated in Modern Literature – history of spectacle in Florence.
From almost 8 years I worked as critic, graphic designer and il...lustrator for the magazine Hystrio and I cured the imagine of the International Balzan Foundation.

Since 2009 I’m one of founders and the director of Mimaster Illustrazione, Milan, Italy. Since 2017 I'm the curator of The Illustrators Survival Corner at the BCBF (Bologna), CCBF (Shanghai) and MICBF (Moscow)

AI website, 2008, 2016; Annual 2019, 2020
Communication Arts Award of Excellence, 2008;
NY SOI Annual and exhibition 58, 59, 60, 61;
3x3 Annual No.13, 2016 Honorable Mention No.15, 2018 Book, No 16, 2019 Book, 2020 Book
CQ 50 online gallery, 53, 2018 Journal

Since February 2016 I've been represented by Salzman International agency
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  • Ivan Canu
    Stefan Zweig's The World of Yesterday
    Series of internal illustrations for Stefan Zweig's most famous book "The World of Yesterday", on the last days of the European Central Empires between the 2 World Wars, published in German language by CIDEB-Black Cat editions and selected by SOI 66 Annual and Exhibition.
    Ivan Canu - Stefan Zweig's The World of Yesterday
  • Ivan Canu
    Marie Curie
    Series of illustration for "Marie Curie" picture book, CIDEB-Black Cat, 2018
    Ivan Canu - Marie Curie
  • Ivan Canu
    cover for Laure Duval's "The season of the wind" novel, Mondadori, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Coco
  • Ivan Canu
    cover for "Carlo Michelstaedter" biography, LEG editions, 2022
    Ivan Canu - Michelstaedter
  • Ivan Canu
    cover for "Sre?ko Kosovel" biography, LEG editions, 2022
    Ivan Canu - Kosovel
  • Ivan Canu
    portraits of the Italian director and Oscar winner Vittorio De Sica and the Italian actress and Oscar winner Anna Magnani, for "Italy of the Resistance in 50 portraits", Centauria, 2020
    Ivan Canu - cinema
  • Ivan Canu
    portrait of the Italian Romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi, for "Very Italians" picture book, Adriano Salani publisher, 2020
    Ivan Canu - Leopardi
  • Ivan Canu
    portrait of the Italian designer Michele De Lucchi, Il Sole 24 Ore, 2019
    Ivan Canu - DeLucchi
  • Ivan Canu
    Series for "God Save the Queen" picture book, Centauria, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Queen
  • Ivan Canu
    cover portrait of the German former Prime Minister Angela Merkel, L'Espresso magazine, 2022
    Ivan Canu - Merkel
  • Ivan Canu
    cover book portrait of the Italian politician and philosopher Antonio Gramsci, Laterza, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Gramsci
  • Ivan Canu
    series of illustrations for Paolo Mieli's "Italy of the Liberation in 50 portraits", Centauria, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Liberation
  • Ivan Canu
    Women in Cinema
    poster and web communication for the Italian Film Festival "ÈStoria", 3rd edition, 2023
    Ivan Canu - Women in Cinema
  • Ivan Canu
    LatinFinance covers 2019-2024
    Series of covers for the financial magazine LatinFinance, AD Charles Newbery
    Ivan Canu - LatinFinance covers 2019-2024
  • Ivan Canu
    Kate Middleton's biography
    cover portrait of the Wales' Princess Katherine "Kate" Middleton for Eva Grippa's biography, Italian and Polish editions
    Ivan Canu - Kate Middleton's biography
  • Ivan Canu
    haters' wave
    Cover for Z-Die Zeit weekly, an homage to Hokusai, about the power of web haters. AD: Bettina Theuerkauf, Ellen Dietrich, Malin Schulz Nominated to German Design Prize, 2016. Selected into NY SI 59, exhibit and book, 2017
    Ivan Canu - haters' wave
  • Ivan Canu
    Paul Auster
    portrait of the author Paul Auster, 2011 - digital Client: The New York Times Book Review
    Ivan Canu - Paul Auster
  • Ivan Canu
    the match
    Fire walk with me - foreign politics of Trump's presidency
    Ivan Canu - the match
  • Ivan Canu
    new Middle-Age
    On the Italian newspaper La Repubblica David Quammen talks to Luca Fraioli about the new Middle-Aged dictionary of Trump (page design: Stefano Cipolla - AD: Angelo Rinaldi)
    Ivan Canu - new Middle-Age
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    portrait of Ta-Nehisi Coates
    The afro-american Author Ta-Nehisi Coates has written an article from his last memorial book on weekly Tuttolibri of La Stampa newspaper(AD Cynthia Sgarallino)
    Ivan Canu - portrait of Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Ivan Canu
    Le vie dell'acqua podcast
    cover image for "Le vie dell'acqua" (The Water's Roads") podcast, AD Carlo Annese, 2023
    Ivan Canu - Le vie dell'acqua podcast
  • Ivan Canu
    Miles to Go
    Audible's cover for "Miles to Go" podcast
    Ivan Canu - Miles to Go
  • Ivan Canu
    A Devil in the Valley
    Audible's cover for "A Devil in the Valley" podcast
    Ivan Canu - A Devil in the Valley
  • Ivan Canu
    open spread for Swiss NZZam Sonntag magazine, 2022
    Ivan Canu - NZZ
  • Ivan Canu
    open illustration for This American Life website, 2021
    Ivan Canu - TheFerryman
  • Ivan Canu
    paperback covers for Lev Tolstoy's novels and essays, Feltrinelli, 2015-2019
    Ivan Canu - Tolstoj
  • Ivan Canu
    Series of cover for the Italian paperback edition of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán's novels, Feltrinelli, 2015-2021
    Ivan Canu - Montalbán
  • Ivan Canu
    cover portrait for the Italian football's champion's autobiography Franco Baresi, Feltrinelli, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Baresi
  • Ivan Canu
    cover portrait for Maria Falcone, "The judge's legacy", Mondadori, 2022
    Ivan Canu - Falcone
  • Ivan Canu
    series of covers for L'Espresso magazine, 2018-2022
    Ivan Canu - L'Espresso
  • Ivan Canu
    editorial illustration about the museums' open access, for L'Espresso magazine, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Art
  • Ivan Canu
    editorial illustration on the importance of history, for L'Espresso magazine, 2022
    Ivan Canu - History
  • Ivan Canu
    Darth Machiavelli
    editorial illustration on the actuality of Machiavelli's philosophy, for L'Espresso magazine, 2019
    Ivan Canu - Darth Machiavelli
  • Ivan Canu
    editorial illustration about the actuality of the vampire's myth, for L'Espresso magazine, 2022
    Ivan Canu - Dracula
  • Ivan Canu
    the future of museums, editorial illustration for L'Espresso magazine, 2020
    Ivan Canu - museums
  • Ivan Canu
    Indiana Jones
    The actuality of Indiana Jones and the new historical museums, for L'Espresso magazine, 2021
    Ivan Canu - Indiana Jones
  • Ivan Canu
    The Zar against the world, for L'Espresso magazine, 2018
    Ivan Canu - Putin
  • Ivan Canu
    A kiss will save humanity, for L'Espresso magazine, 2022
    Ivan Canu - Love
  • Ivan Canu
    Kong economy
    On L'Espresso interview to the sociologist Richard Sennett about the liquid society (AD Stefano Cipolla)
    Ivan Canu - Kong economy
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    Trump's money
    Die Zeit's cover Politik section
    Ivan Canu - Trump's money
  • Ivan Canu
    Gym alone
    illustration for The Wall Street Journal Life & Arts (AD Lisa Dilillo) done with @procreate: as home workouts rise during Coronavirus, gyms sweat (by Avantika Chilkoti)
    Ivan Canu - Gym alone
  • Ivan Canu
    Ivan Canu
  • Ivan Canu
    Math is politics
    Illustration for the Sofia Ventura's article about Chiara Valerio's book "Math is politics", L'Espresso magazine, Sept. 13th 2020 (AD Stefano Cipolla, design Alessio Melandri)
    Ivan Canu - Math is politics
  • Ivan Canu
    Pope Francis
    portrait of Pope Francis for L'OBS, weekly French magazine (AD Serge Ricco)
    Ivan Canu - Pope Francis
  • Ivan Canu
    Mario Draghi
    cover for L'Espresso magazine, Feb. 7th 2021 /AD Stefano Cipolla)
    Ivan Canu - Mario Draghi
  • Ivan Canu
    Marcel Proust
    open spread for L'Espresso magazine, Feb. 28 2021 (AD Stefano Cipolla), digital.
    Ivan Canu - Marcel Proust
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