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Kyle Macpherson is a multimedia journalist, based in Toronto, covering issues of identity, culture, and religion. He began his studies at the age of 18 in the photojournalism program at Loyalist College, as well as freelancing to community newspapers in his first year of post-secondary education. After spending a month interning at the Windsor Star news publication, he pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough, with the intention of learning more about the world he desired to document.

In university, Macpherson double majored in new media studies and English literature. Throughout the four years of his academic studies, he worked as the photo editor of the university campus news magazine, The Underground. While shooting and editing visual content for The Underground, he was inspired by his surroundings on the Scarborough campus to learn more about the cultures and religions that appeared to be an inherent element of such a diverse academic setting.

Nearing the end of his studies, Macpherson was encouraged by peers and professors to turn more critical attention to the journalism industry. With newfound beliefs and awareness of the flaws in postmodern society and communication in the public sphere, he is an activist for diverse journalism, cultural education, and the dispelling of the use of the word ‘tolerance’. Macpherson has branched out of photography and into multimedia documentation. "Closing The Gap: Navigating Islam" is his first documentary for the web, detailing four student perspectives on the topic of Islam, their beliefs and issues they face within their religious identities.
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