Naoya Wada launches Never Without, LLC website

[ Posted: Mar 24, 2006 ]

Simple, structured and real, was Naoya Wada's approach to the first ever Never Without web site. Keeping things simple Wada and staff used a straightforward navigation and kept all content on a single page. They also used DHTML verse Flash for animation to cut down on file size and allow search engines to find their site. Structurally, the display method for contact is driven by PHP and a MySQL database. Wada developed a backend Admin section to capture and organize their contacts, which automatically notify them via Blackberry when someone submits their information to the site. Wada approached the idea of being real, through our "About us" section. Along with the standard bio and stat information, it predominately shows their personal web life - displaying links to personal sites, flickr accounts and coming soon, blogs.

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