Jay Watson Directs Promo Video for Fyusion AI

May 25, 2022

Photographer Jay Watson was recently tasked with directing a promotional video for Fyusion, a San Fransisco-based company that specializes in AI that helps analyze, inspect and report for the automotive industry. The shoot took place both in San Fransisco and L.A. and Jay got a chance to work with two completely different crews. He explains: “First the car was shipped to a studio in LA for beauty shots of the car spinning on a clean background. The car was then shipped back to SF so it could be filmed with engineers inside the lab at Fuysion’s headquarters.“

As for the car itself, a beater 1992 Corvette was chosen as it still holds some value on the used market and could be used to show a bit of damage (things that Fyusion’s AI could pick out all by itself!) “Filming with a drone, spinning 360 time lapses, and current cinema lenses made the car appear much more modern than its early 90’s vibe“, said Jay, who was kind enough to share the promotional video here below.

Automotive AI reporting | Fyusion from Jay Watson on Vimeo.

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