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My name's Tony Hart and I'm a professional photographer from Surrey, England. I specialise in wedding and portraiture in a photojournalistic and reportage style.

My work has an emphasis on black and white and tends towards the classical in tone and development but the modern in terms of style and approach.

I've been working as a professional since January 2008 following many years as a serious amateur and semi-professional. Things accelerated rapidly for me after I met Kieran Doherty, via his sister who I used to work with. Kieran is an ex-Reuters senior cameraman who was moving into the wedding market. I helped him out with his website while he helped me out with my photography.

In the space of a few months I went from what could loosely be called a semi-professional to choosing photography as a career.

While I specialise in wedding photojournalism, the first few years inevitably have free days and during the quiet periods I shoot a number of other genres. In particular, sport - specifically rugby union - and music. I used to work with an unsigned band as their manager (aka general dog's body) and this was really where my interest in 'serious' photography started.

Please feel free to check out my site if you're interested in more about me.
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