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I began mentally creating images at an early age, but it was't until a skateboard accident in high school that I began to commit those images to film. My first submission was on the photo editor's desk at Skateboarder Magazine by the time the stitches and casts came off.

At first, I specialized in still life work, but found myself photographing kids more and more. Ive been fortunate to have some pretty diverse clients over the years, and that has allowed me to satisfy my passion for shooting a wide range of subjects, from kids to portraits to products. A strong influence in my work is a sense of wonder, which I keep in shape as the parent of a son who constantly amazes me.

I believe the key to a successful shoot is solid preparation, keeping yourself open to collaboration, and above all, having a sense of humor.

I've lived on the westside of los angeles my entire life, and I've also traveled the world, spending a considerable amount of time in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the South Pacific.

I still skate the occasional empty pool -- only now, I wear a helmet
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