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At the age of one and a half Tom rolled off his diaper table; twenty-five years later a delayed neurological reaction caused him to abandon an electrical engineering degree to pursue one in art. His clients include Ford Motor Company, McDonalds, MTV/VH1, Nabisco, Office Depot, Trojan Condoms, Wendy’s, Delta Airlines, Disney, ESPN, Mad Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Time, US News & World Report, Vibe, The Village Voice, Random House, Simon + Schuster. His illustrations have received a Gold Addy Award, a bronze medal from the Society of Illustrators LA, an Ozzy Award from Folio Magazine and have been recognized by American Illustration and the Society of Illustrators of New York. Cocotos is also an adjunct professor at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. He’s presently working on a fine art project of 8 foot tall mixed media portraits of New York writers and visual artists. He’s inspired by rides on the New York subway system, dolphins that resemble Jimmy Durante, and eccentric people. His passions include volleyball, poetry, interesting scraps of paper (potential collage material) and studying the lives of famous magicians.