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Member Spotlight - Bruce Erik Brauer

[ April 6, 2009 ]   Broadcast Designer and native New Yorker, Bruce Erik Brauer, was recently interviewed by Lee Grossman for

Color is obviously important in art, what is your favorite color and why?
I don't have a "favorite" color. But I enjoy the color combination of red, black and white within a design... it can be very stark and powerful. Very clean and eye catching!

You're a family man, your wife and kids are a big part of who you are, did your own upbringing guide you towards a creative career, And would you encourage your own children to pursue a future in the arts?
There was no outstanding creativity in my house growing up. My Mom would sew and create crafts and I found out in my early teens that my father at one time did draw and sketch.

Generally I had my own creative instincts and luckily, I had teachers who recognized my budding creativity and helped guide me. My parents were a bit upset that I was going into the art field. They had the "20 year civil service job with pension" mindset and they thought I'd never make a decent living. As for my own children, they are creative to the core. My wife, who is super creative, and I foster it in the house musically, spiritually, and creatively.

I support them 999% percent with whatever they choose for a career.

What do you do daily- to stay inspired?
Write and Listen to music, study, observe everything around me. People's faces, traffic, magazine covers, architecture.

What's your dream project?
I want to immerse myself in welding and large scale fine art.

I have ideas and sketches yet I haven't had a chance because of time and space.

Be your biggest critic- how would you describe your work?
I'm neat and organized. I'm sometimes too regimented. And I've been told that my work is clean with attention to composition for the most part.

How would you feel about collaborating with an artist of recognizable talent but polar opposite philosophies to graphic design?
I would be excited. Collaboration in general is fun. I do it perpetually with my "creatives" at work on all levels with written scripts, visual storyboards and music.

I collaborate with the band and my musician friends. People need to put their egos aside and create something natural.

Does anything from your days as a member of a hair band ever turn up in your artwork?
No, but I love to listen to music when I work.

Americans are very attached to their pets.... How have animals influenced art over the years, and are they personally a source of inspiration for you?
Art history in a nutshell: Animals have consistently been showcased in big pieces of art. Whether it's Picasso or Russo's "The Jungle"... many animals in paintings and sculpture. And no, animals have not played a strong role in my life or in my creativity.

Do you have any strange or unique interests that would surprise even the people who know you best?
I have an extensive stamp collection.

Stamps are mini posters with a high level of design there has always been a fascination of their images on that scale.

I began collecting when I was about nine years old.

I've acquired some precious collectible American and German stamps that were my focus.

Writers sometimes experience writers block... have you ever experienced designers block? If so take us through the process of channeling fresh ideas, and creativity.
Of course.

When it rarely happens to me : ) I'll watch a movie, play my guitar, or leaf through design books to get a seed of an idea for that "a-ha" moment. There were times that I'd ask my daughters opinion and she would art direct me towards a solution.

Where do you see the television industry in twenty years, and how will the relevance of designers change?
Of course.

Content is key. And it needs to be produced designed and created. Most people will agree with me, that television is no longer limited to a simple TV screen. People watch content everywhere now. Whether it's being viewed on a one inch iPod, iPhone, cell phone, "Dick Tracy" wrist watch, or a massive plasma set... the content comes from somewhere, somehow and people will still want to know if it's going to rain tomorrow.

- Contributed by Lee Grossman

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