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New Masters Of Photoshop, Vol.2
  New Masters of Photoshop, Vol.2

Corne van Dooren, Mauro Gatti, Per Gustafson, Jim Hsieh, Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg, Karen Ingram




Adobe Photoshop is the standard image editing application used by creative professionals around the globe to create high-quality images for print, the web, or any graphic-rich destination. Whether it’s retouching photos, graphic design, texturing computer game environments, or mocking up storyboards for film – any project where image editing is required – Photoshop is the core tool of choice for every digital designer.

New Masters of Photoshop: Volume 2 is a showcase of the most innovative, inspiring, and imaginative work in Photoshop today. Each chapter is written by individual designers recognized for their expertise and mastery of Photoshop through their work in areas such as photo realism, abstract art, print illustration, modeling, animation, web design, advertising, fantasy art, and film. Each designer drills into one of their images, showing the reader how to recreate it through tutorial-style instructions and insider tips. They also discuss their graphic inspirations and how they work with Photoshop professionally, offering a unique insight into the creative professional's life and art.

About the Author
Per Gustafson is a graphic designer and digital artist from Sweden, the land of the northern lights and the midnight sun. In addition to being the founder of the digital art site and freelance brand MODERNSTYLE.NU, he is also the founder of the Swedish-based Internet media company geidemark gustafson, where he holds the position of creative director. Per's digital art has been used by clients such as Ericsson, Graphicscene, Digital Vision, Adidas, UEFA, and several record labels. Currently, Per is also the creative director of Sonic Nerve Clothing, a brand he co-founded.

Mauro Gatti is creative director at theBrainbox, a collective of four Italian designers with a wide range of skills in print, motion graphics, interactivity, application development, and video production. In addition to his personal projects, Mauro has worked as art director for fashion house Idea Italia and as creative director on the Blogwork project. As a freelance concept artist and graphic designer, Mauro's clients include Peugeot, Tim, MTV, and Biennale di Venezia.

Asterik Studio was founded in 2000 by Don Clark, Demetre Arges, and Ryan Clark, who joined forces to create a company where quality, creativity, and fun came first. Originally from Sacramento, California, the trio relocated to the Northwest. Asterik is a full-time, fully functional design firm specializing in CD packaging, poster art, web design, merchandise design, and everything in between. Asterik's client list includes numerous record labels such as Atlantic, Capitol, DreamWorks, Elektra, EMI, Warner Brothers, Geffen, Island, and Ferret. Artists Asterik has worked with include The Strokes, Liz Phair, Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World, The White Stripes, and Puddle of Mudd. Asterik Studio has appeared in numerous publications such as Communication Arts, Print, HOW, and Computer Arts. Their work has appeared in more than six books, and the studio has been nominated for four Dove awards. Asterik Studio continues to keep it simple: they just do what they love and love what they do.

Teodoru Badiu was born and grew up in the beautiful town of Sibiu, Romania. In the 1989 revolution, at the age of 23, Teodoru was wounded and brought to a hospital in Vienna, where he had to stay for four months until he was able to walk again and go back home. After a short time, he came back to Vienna, where he has lived ever since with his son and his wife. Teodoru had some hard times as a foreigner, and it was not easy to learn a new language and start building a new life from scratch, but he did manage it at last. He was also able to follow his dreams and study art and design in addition to his day job, working in an iron foundry. Even when it wasn't easy, Teodoru learned that nothing is impossible. Today, he is studying for his creative media diploma at SAE Technology Institute in Vienna, and seeing his artistic aspirations fulfilled.

Located in south Metro Atlanta, Jason Morrison works as creative director for a web development and consulting firm. He is largely responsible for the "grunge" digital art trend, and supports this with his own large collection of free Photoshop brushes, textures, and tutorials via Dubtastic Design Labs. "I have always been involved with art, as long as I can remember. I pursued anything artistic in high school, was nominated for Governor's Honors twice, and was voted as a senior superlative ('Most Artistic'). I continued my training in college, receiving an associate's degree in art. However, then the fear of being a starving artist set in, so I pursued my associate's degree in general business, and bachelor's degree in business with an emphasis on marketing."

Alicia Buelow is a San Francisco-based illustrator and designer who specializes in Photoshop collage-based illustration. Her clients include publications and agencies such as National Geographic, PlayStation Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lucas Books, and Adobe Systems. Alicia received a bachelor's degree in graphic design from San Jose State University and attended the master of art design program. As a student, she worked at various design agencies until 1987, when she was hired by Adobe Systems to help test and demonstrate a new version of Adobe Illustrator. Alicia was part of the in-house communications department, where she designed support materials and software packaging for Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker, Photoshop, and other products. She also teaches Photoshop at the University of California, Berkeley.

Jorge Restrepo is a graphic designer, illustrator, and teacher from Bogotá, Colombia, who graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 2002. He is an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert and specializes in combining type, vector illustrations, and everyday materials to create his own unique brand of digital art. Jorge has worked as art director for companies such as Firmenich and General Motors Columbia, and as a freelancer, he has worked for clients including Nestle and Cinema Europa. Jorge's experimental work has been featured in many online and print magazines worldwide including Form & Form (U.S.), Spatium magazine (Germany), and Agite (Columbia).

Oliver Ottner was born in 1974 and lives in Vienna, Austria. In 1999, he founded the advertising agency iService, which works for clients such as Estée Lauder and the famous Vienna Zoo. His private works, such as his naturemorphosis and dualism series, as well as original Photoshop tutorials, can be found on his personal site www.effectlab.com. Oliver has been a National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) member since 2001, and his work has been recognized in various photography and digital art publications, including Computer Arts.

Seung Ho Henrik was born in 1980 in Seoul, South Korea, and was adopted by Swedish parents when he was 13 months old. He grew up in Mönsterås, a very small and quiet town in southern Sweden. Because the town is small and close to nature, living near beautiful landscapes has always been a great source of inspiration for him. Drawing has been an important part of his life for as long as he can remember. Today, Henrik works as a conceptual designer and digital painter for games, TV, and feature films. He has worked as matte painter, concept designer, storyboarder, and character animator for companies such as PDI/DreamWorks, The Mill, The Moving Picture Company, Outlaw Studios, and Amuze Electronic Media.

As a painting graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Karen Ingram started her design career as a pattern designer for a textile company in the southern United States. Leaving the world of ditsies, neats, jaquards, and foulards behind, she became involved in creating motion illustrations for the Web. Her experiments and collaborations are displayed at Krening.com. Karen has been profiled, featured, and reviewed in a number of online and printed publications such as This is a Magazine, Neomu, and Half Empty's first printed edition. Clients include Absolut Vodka, friends of ED, Spike TV, Monkeyclan, and Virgin Atlantic for Carlos Magazine. Karen has participated in many festivals and shows including FlashintheCan, in Toronto, Canada; BD4D, in London and New York; South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas; and Curvy, Design is Kinky, and Yen magazine's ladies designer showcase, in Sydney, Australia. Karen is a crew member of the Australian-based site DesignIsKinky.net, and is a happy news contributor at K10k.net.

Marin Musa is a digital artist and illustrator born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in the University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, and graduated in 2002 as a graduate engineer of printing technology and graphic arts. Now living and working in Mostar, Marin's main creative outlet is running the noncommercial global design magazine Tartart, which has featured digital artwork, photography, and illustrations by designers from over 50 countries. Commercially, Marin works as a freelance graphic designer and also as a part-time graphic designer for a Mostar marketing agency. He was the chief designer for the political party that won the Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002 elections, designed all the graphic material for Pope John Paul II's visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2003, and was the chief designer for the International Investment Conference held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in February 2004.

Colin Smith is an award-winning graphic designer who has caused a stir in the design community with his stunning photorealistic illustrations that he composes entirely in Photoshop. He is also founder of the popular PhotoshopCAFE web resource. He has won several design contests and awards including: first place, illustration, Photoshop World Guru Awards 2001, Los Angeles; finalist, Macworld Design Contest 2002, New York; and first Place, illustration, Photoshop World Guru Awards 2002, San Diego. Colin has coauthored six books for friends of ED, including From Photoshop to Dreamweaver, Photoshop Most Wanted 2, and Photoshop 7 Trade Secrets. His latest book is How to Do Everything with Photoshop CS (McGraw-Hill Osborne, 2003). Colin writes weekly columns for Planet Photoshop and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals member site, and is a contributing writer for the Photoshop User and Mac Design magazines.

Corné van Dooren was born in autumn 1979 in Hooge Mierde, a village in the south of the Netherlands. He grew up being an avid cartoonist, until he discovered the infinite world of multimedia at the age of 17. He has since become a time-served interactive multimedia developer. His journey of discovery hasn't stopped since. Corné spends most of his time working with the Adobe and Macromedia packages for both online and offline use. In addition to these, he uses many other visualization packages and follows his mantra, "The only limit to multimedia is the imagination." Over the past four years, Corné has found success after success. He has worked for many international clients, has been featured in multimedia magazines, and has edited a number of books on Photoshop and digital video.

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Jim Hsieh is a graphic designer, illustrator, and animator based in Alhambra, California. He launched jimbotron.com in 2001 to showcase his commercial portfolio. Based on a combination of groovy sounds and Flash animation, jimbotron.com helped Jim establish his signature DJ and turntable graphic style. While working and gaining experience in various top media companies, Jim contributed to a large number of projects, including the movie sites of "Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life," "Tupac: Resurrection," and Richard Donner's "Timeline." On Jim's personal site, FistsOfCurry.com, he mixes his interests in art, hip-hop music, and far Eastern culture into a dynamic whole, exploring new aesthetic ground. Jim looks forward to the many more projects to come in his life.

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