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God Save The Queen. The Works And Days Of Elizabeth II Windsor
  God Save the Queen. The Works and Days of Elizabeth II Windsor

Author and Illustrator Ivan Canu




From queen to pop icon, from conservative symbol to emblem of a century. Elizabeth as a mirror of the 20th century and of the changes in Western culture which she represented with the longest reign in the world and in history. We think of Queen Elizabeth and we imagine her with Churchill, with the Beatles, with Thatcher, with Lady D, we see her almost in every decade of which we can have a visual memory, we find her grappling with the great events of history as well as with the great "quarrels" of the palace, not least the Meghan affair. Ivan Canu tells the life and reign of Elizabeth II, entering into historical and personal events, in the court and in her institutional role, in a book full of cultured and entertaining illustrations and a narrative that mixes historical news, biography, current events and curiosities . Age of reading: from 10 years.

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