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Karma Wears Versace: II Man Eater
  Karma Wears Versace: II Man Eater

by Rod Palmer; Cover Image: Figurestock




A young black woman, Jamila Mosely, is killed, but slain even worse by media coverage that refuses to let her be an innocent victim. Per usual, they air her most questionable photo, and hint at sketchy associations to portray her as just as much a victim to her own devices, as any perpetrator. Detective Sawyer takes it personal. Sawyer becomes obsessed with getting to the truth, and restoring dignity to the name of a young lady not much older than her daughter Star. And yet there is still the unresolved issues with Chosen, Travis, Duke, and even her struggling marriage to contend; Sawyer has a full plate.

Under the chandelier of a ritzy hotel, she’s on a romantic evening with Darius, but one eye tracks the development of an assassination plot involving Chosen, who is held hostage by international mercenaries forcing her to kill a senator whose political agenda could threaten a corporation’s foothold in American politics. This corporation has its hands in cartel violence in Latin America and the hundreds of missing brown children at the U.S. Mexico border that is possibly linked to billionaire pedophiles here in the U.S.

Just hours before Duke is discovered digesting in the belly of the anaconda, Detective Travis, being the usual fool for love, finds himself harboring a corporate whistle-blower in hopes to leverage a hostage exchange for Chosen – an arrangement that will likely blow up in the face of Atlanta P.D. And this is just the beginning.

Man Eater is first and foremost, entertaining storytelling with a pulse-pounding plot that also, efficiently, pins down the scope of Black Lives Matter – how it is inextricably tied to the media’s denial of black victimhood, mass incarceration, the missing brown children at the Mexican border, and even the global inaction towards genocide in Africa.

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