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Mark Matcho

MARK MATCHO is an LA-based illustrator and artist. His bold, concept-driven illustrations have been featured in publications far and wide since 1990.

Matchos striking work has been selected and acknowledged in award annuals such as American Illustration, 3x3, Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators (LA), The Society of Publication Designers, and Prints Regional Design Annual.

He looks forward to working with you!


Clients Include:

The New York Times
The Hollywood Reporter
The Wall Street Journal
Frankfurt Allgemeine
The Los Angeles Times
Penguin Books
Random House
Reader's Digest
Vanity Fair
Entertainment Weekly
Sports Illustrated
Food & Wine
Marin Theater Company

...and many more
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  • Mark Matcho
    Mark Matcho
  • Mark Matcho
    Hey Now!
    Self-promo piece, featuring yers truly
    Mark Matcho - Hey Now!
  • Mark Matcho
    Victory Garden
    For 5280 Magazine, for a story on a man who goes to battle- with his vegetable garden
    Mark Matcho - Victory Garden
  • Mark Matcho
    Michael Shannon
    Portrait of actor Michael Shannon, for Public Eye magazine's Heroes issue
    Mark Matcho - Michael Shannon
  • Mark Matcho
    Foreseeable Future
    Double-page spread + type for Stanford Magazine, for a feature on how life may change, in 2021. (Body type ran lower right.)
    Mark Matcho - Foreseeable Future
  • Mark Matcho
    Frequent Fler
    For the Wall Street Journal, for a piece on redeeming all those frequent-flyer miles that piled up during the pandemic
    Mark Matcho - Frequent Fler
  • Mark Matcho
    How's Your Year Going?
    Personal piece posing the question, How's Your Year Going?
    Mark Matcho - How's Your Year Going?
  • Mark Matcho
    Lockdown Romance
    For The Wall Street Journal, for a piece on keeping romance alive during lockdown
    Mark Matcho - Lockdown Romance
  • Mark Matcho
    Murder Mystery
    For Mother Jones, for a review of a book in which a female superhero becomes embroiled in a murder mystery
    Mark Matcho - Murder Mystery
  • Mark Matcho
    Undesirable Employees
    For Gulfshore Business Magazine, for a story on undesirable employees
    Mark Matcho - Undesirable Employees
  • Mark Matcho
    For the Wall Street Journal: my shameless homage to the Fleischer Brothers Superman cartoons of the '40s, for a piece on the heroism of whistleblowers
    Mark Matcho - Whistleblower
  • Mark Matcho
    Bad Gifts
    For The Wall Street Journal, for a story on the thorny issue of inappropriate gifts
    Mark Matcho - Bad Gifts
  • Mark Matcho
    Taylor Swift
    For Rolling Stone magazine, for a review of Taylor Swift's album 1989. Also included in the book, ROLLING STONE: THE ILLUSTRATED PORTRAITS, on sale at an Amazon near you
    Mark Matcho - Taylor Swift
  • Mark Matcho
    Humor In Uniform
    Piece for Reader's Digest's Humor In Uniform section
    Mark Matcho - Humor In Uniform
  • Mark Matcho
    Sad Pants
    For D Magazine, in which the author must come to terms with no longer having the body for her favorite jeans
    Mark Matcho - Sad Pants
  • Mark Matcho
    Learning To Write
    For Field & Stream, for a piece on learning to write, before learning to write about hunting
    Mark Matcho - Learning To Write
  • Mark Matcho
    Trans Athletes
    For ESPN Magazine, for a story on the implications of trans athletes competing against athletes of the gender they identify with
    Mark Matcho - Trans Athletes
  • Mark Matcho
    Best Retirement Towns
    Full page for Fortune Magazine, for a story on the best towns in the country to retire to
    Mark Matcho - Best Retirement Towns
  • Mark Matcho
    For Esquire Magazine, for a story on acid, maaan
    Mark Matcho - Acid
  • Mark Matcho
    Without Sin
    For Men's Health, for a piece about a millennial who vows to go 30 days without sinning
    Mark Matcho - Without Sin
  • Mark Matcho
    Charlie Sheen
    Design and illustrations for a Charlie Sheen board game, which ran as a double-page spread in Entertainment Weekly
    Mark Matcho - Charlie Sheen
  • Mark Matcho
    The New Socialism
    For Boston Magazine, for a story on the rise of socialist-style social clubs for millennials
    Mark Matcho - The New Socialism
  • Mark Matcho
    For Pacific Standard, for story on depression
    Mark Matcho - Depression

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