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Mark Matcho

MARK MATCHO is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and image maker. His bold, concept-driven illustrations have been featured in publications far and wide... since 1990.

HIs striking work has been selected and acknowledged in award annuals such as American Illustration, 3x3, Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators (LA), The Society of Publication Designers, and Prints Regional Design Annual.

He looks forward to working with you!


Clients Include:

The New York Times
The Hollywood Reporter
The Wall Street Journal
Frankfurt Allgemeine
The Los Angeles Times
Penguin Books
Random House
Reader's Digest
Vanity Fair
Entertainment Weekly
Sports Illustrated
Food & Wine
Marin Theater Company

...and many more
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  • Mark Matcho
    Sibling Rivalry
    For Family Circle, for a piece on handling tween rivalries
    Mark Matcho - Sibling Rivalry
  • Mark Matcho
    For ESPN magazine, for a story on a veteran cutman- a person whose job it is to stop a fighter's bleeding
    Mark Matcho - Cutman
  • Mark Matcho
    Rest and Recovery
    For Runner's World, for a piece on the cycle of exercise, rest, and recovery. Benjamen Purvis, AD
    Mark Matcho - Rest and Recovery
  • Mark Matcho
    Cavemen Exercise
    For Runner's World, for a piece posing the question, How Did Primitive Man Stay Fit?
    Mark Matcho - Cavemen Exercise
  • Mark Matcho
    Greg Oden
    For ESPN magazine, for a piece on the rise and fall of former teen basketball phenomenon Greg Oden
    Mark Matcho - Greg Oden
  • Mark Matcho
    For ESPN, for a piece posing the question, Are Major League Baseball Players Underpaid? (My unsolicited opinion: no)
    Mark Matcho - Underpaid
  • Mark Matcho
    For ESPN magazine, for a story on a college football player who was banned from playing after testing positive for a steroid his body produced naturally
    Mark Matcho - Steroids
  • Mark Matcho
    Johnny Manziel
    For ESPN Magazine, for a piece on the implosion of former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel
    Mark Matcho - Johnny Manziel
  • Mark Matcho
    Cover Your Mouth
    Personal work: proposed poster for the Ministry Of Information of a fictional nation, exhorting citizens to cover their mouths when coughing and/or sneezing
    Mark Matcho - Cover Your Mouth
  • Mark Matcho
    For Esquire Magazine, for a piece on extreme sports quantification
    Mark Matcho - Quantification
  • Mark Matcho
    Tennis Elbow
    For The New York Times Magazine, for a piece on a new treatment for Tennis Elbow
    Mark Matcho - Tennis Elbow
  • Mark Matcho
    Country Club Eviction
    For Golf Digest, for a piece on a man's eviction from a country club
    Mark Matcho - Country Club Eviction
  • Mark Matcho
    Poor Sportsmanship
    For Golf Digest, for a piece on poor sportsmanship
    Mark Matcho - Poor Sportsmanship
  • Mark Matcho
    For Health magazine, for a feature on the health hazards posed by ticks and mosquitoes. I tell ya, if it ain't one thing, it's another
    Mark Matcho - Fleas
  • Mark Matcho
    Mask Chic
    For Stanford magazine, for a piece predicting that masks will become more chic in 2021. Her 'do is a nod to the fantastic '70s British sci-fi series, UFO
    Mark Matcho - Mask Chic
  • Mark Matcho
    Covid Sun
    Personal piece. In a matter of a few days, we went from toilet paper jokes to realizing just how dire the situation was.
    Mark Matcho - Covid Sun
  • Mark Matcho
    For The Wall Street Journal, for a story on the bewildering complexities and pitfalls of the healthcare system
    Mark Matcho - Caduceus

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