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Keith loves asking questions, pealing back the layers and creating portraits that cut to the core of who people are. Through layers of texture, punch...y bold colors and cinematic scapes his work always drives the viewer straight to the place he wants them to go.

Eight-year-old Keith sized up the opponents dribbling on a dirt pitch in Lusaka, Zambia. Victory seemed like a shoe-in. “They were barefoot. But we couldn’t catch them. They ran rings around us.’ It was part of a childhood that made Keith question everything. Thanks to his father's foreign service career; by then he had already hiked Mount Kilimanjaro, flown 37,000 feet over the vastness of the Sahara Desert, been on numerous safaris and learned the Mooba dance of the Lenje ethnic group in Zambia.

Ever the enthralled observer and active participant, Keith’s curiosity propelled him. He cycled 185 miles over seven days with his fellow twelve-year-old friends along the C&O Canal from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington, D.C; came face to face with a four-foot-diameter clam while scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef; hiked to the plateaus of the Kackar Mountains of Northern Turkey; spent two weeks with local farmers learning how to make bread and churn butter; spent three weeks documenting families receiving homes from Habitat for Humanities in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; and slept on a cattle ranch under the stars in the outback during a three-week trip along the eastern coast of Australia.

Keith’s work has been featured in campaigns including Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, Allstate, and Apple Music. His now ten-year-old personal series The Redhead Project went viral after being featured on interactive and was discussed on the podcast Look Behind The Look, hosted by director Tiffany Bartok. He’s photographed people from all walks of life, from toddlers to Hollywood celebrities.

“Throw puppies, cats, penguins, and sloths into the collaborative mix, and I’m in heaven.”

Keith lives in Soho, NYC with his producer and wife, Kate, and their beloved dog, Kuma. He’s in his element connecting with and empowering his subjects, uncovering what makes them tick and is always driven by that lifelong need to ask more questions.
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